Liam McDonald aka OPLIAM, the Chicago-based multi-instrumentalist, defies boundaries with his eclectic musical style that transcends genres. Often described as “alter-native rock,” OPLIAM’s music takes listeners on a captivating sonic journey. With a global presence, he has enthralled audiences in Australia, New Zealand, and beyond during his extensive worldwide tours.

In May 2022, OPLIAM released his highly anticipated third studio album, “All Roads Are Good.” Showcasing his evolution as an artist, this latest project promises an immersive musical experience. As part of the album’s promotion, OPLIAM is embarking on a national tour throughout the year, bringing his electrifying performances to fans across the country.

Not limited to music, OPLIAM’s creative prowess extends to the literary world. In 2022, Penguin-Random House published his debut book, “Indigenous America.” This thought-provoking nonfiction work is part of an enlightening series tailored for young readers, delving into the true history of the United States. With his Native American heritage on his father’s side, OPLIAM remains deeply connected to his roots as both a musician and writer.

Recognized and praised by notable publications such as NPR, Chicago Reader (Best of 2021), The School Library Journal (Starred Review), Digital Music News, WFMT, and Music Observer News, among many others, OPLIAM’s talent has captivated critics and audiences alike. His innovative and soul-stirring work continues to leave an indelible mark on the music industry.

Discover the mesmerizing world of OPLIAM as he defies genre conventions, shares his powerful narratives, and spreads his creative vision across various artistic realms.

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