Mary Kelsay

Mary Kelsay, an (Aleut) Unangax visionary, is the brains behind MEKA, a brand she launched in 2011, serving as its founder and creative director. Her expertise lies in crafting unique and bespoke items. In 2020, MEKA made a significant appearance at Indigenous Fashion Week, which was a part of Paris Fashion Week.

MEKA's design philosophy blends contemporary and Indigenous influences to forge timeless, elegant styles. From its inception, MEKA has drawn inspiration globally. Kelsay's designs are deeply personal, influenced by her affection for sunny beaches and the diverse cultures of her ancestry. In recent years, she has embarked on a journey to deepen her connection with her Unangax roots. Through participation in annual cultural camps, she has gained a deeper understanding of Unangax's rich and colorful heritage, infusing this knowledge into her fashion creations.

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